Payment Terms

All payments are made in advance, after placing an order. All orders will be processed only after confirmation of receiving funds or proof of payment. We offer many different payment options all of which are free to the customer – Thalloris will not charge any extra fees for any payment method.


Credit Card

Make payment with any type of a debit/credit card. We support Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


PayPal is the most used online wallet in the world, with over 184 million active users. It can be used as a payment method in 202 countries. When using PayPal to pay for a purchase, just log in and authorise the payment with your e-mail address and PayPal password. 

Apple Pay

You are able to make payments quickly and easily via Apple Pay, available for all Apple users in more than 35 countries. Pay using FaceID or TouchID on your Mac or iPhone.